Nintendo Switch

Switch System Update 4.0.0 Out Now (Video Capture, Save Data/Profile Transfer, eShop Pre-Load)

A new system update for the Nintendo Switch has just been released, features include video capture, eShop preloading, and transferring user profiles and save data between systems.

Unprecedented 2: Bethesda-Switch Boogaloo

If I can be thankful to Bethesda for one thing lately, it’s that they can get me to start writing articles (ICYMI: here, and here). The recent Wolf2 and DOOM announcements for Switch have gotten the internet buzzing for a short while, but that buzzing soon turned to harsh criticism when it turned out that…


Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS) September 15th

#Metroid: Samus Returns brings back the feel of the classic adventures, but with improved graphics and new abilities! Coming 9/15 for #3DS! — Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) June 13, 2017


Super NES Classic Edition: Where to Preorder Online (US)

If you’re trying to preorder the SNES Classic Edition in the US (like me), here are links to various sites. Right now in the US online preorders haven’t gone live yet, but a few sites do have placeholder pages up. Amazon Best Buy Wal-Mart

Super NES Classic Edition Announced – September 29th Release – 21 Games – $79.99

The biggest surprise here is that it comes with Star Fox 2, which was never released.

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