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Site Reopening

So after a few months of doing nothing, I finally decided to actually work on this site and get it back up. It wasn’t what I wanted when I started it, too much complaining about things and not enough games. I’ll try to avoid that from now on, though this will never be a site you should rely on for up to the minute news or anything.
The site now has a new forum using Xenforo (Yes I paid for it), and a page to submit your Super Mario Maker levels. And hopefully much more content in the future.

He's been playing video games his entire life, and has gotten progressively worse at them as he's gotten older and more decrepit. He's been running this place (into the ground) since 2013. He's old. Keeps writing about Nintendo despite mountains of evidence proving he should never write anything. Very old. Lifelong Nintendo fan, doesn't care what you think about that. Did I mention how old he is? Because he's very old.