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Why Nintendo NX will NOT be an uber console!

Earth. It’s the year 2015. According to an article from Wall Street Journal , Nintendo started sending out SDKs for their next NX platform. And it’s supposed to be running a demo PS4 and Xbox one can’t or can’t run sufficently and a PC woudd need higher end specs to be able to.

We are talking about a SDK here. Not a dev kit. That SDK runs on a regular PC. So whatever those people saw was not running on NX hardware.

Let’s also keep in mind that Miyamoto regretted Wii Us high price.

Releasing holiday 2016 at the earliest, PS4 level of power at a reasonable price is the MOST you should expect but i personally wouldn’t even expect that.

NX will be powerful and much more capable than Wii U, but it will NOT be the “uber console” people are currnently orgasming over. Don’t let people misinterpeting information fool you and raise your expectations to unreasonable heights!

PS: Yes, i would like a powerhouse console from Nintendo, but it’s not likely that it’s happening. At least not in the capacity people are speculating right now.

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