A great idea about NX

Hello there.

If you know about the Nintendo NX, you propably also know about the Patent with the console that lacks an optical drive. What if the Patent is real and the NX home console REALLY didn’t have any storage media for retail games?

Now before you lynch me, hear me out.

WHAT if you put the game media into the controller and not the console. The raw data is then streamed to the console and processed there to give you great visuals on your big screen TV.

If you move the controller out of the console range it automatically drops the game into off TV mode on the gamepad, lowered the rendering resolution, and dropped the overall graphical settings. That means that the handheld will have a screen and its own chips and act as a controller. We have alreaedy seen the 3DS being used as a conroller in Smash 4 on Wii U

That way Nintendo can sell the handheld, wich could be the MAIN NX device and play all NX games, while offering a “home console base” in either a big bundle or seperatly if anyone decides to add that to his/her NX experience. This way they CAN offer a powerful home console addon as an option, making all NX games use higher res, maybe even download high res texture packs, etc, or maybe let users use the home console base as a “digital only” platform.

This fits with all the patents, and Iwata saying that the handheld and home consoles will be “like brothers”.

Please keep in mind, this is just an idea and could be totally and entirely wrong!