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Nintendo HAD To Announce The NX When They Did

I’ve seen some people wondering if Nintendo announcing the NX early has hurt them more than it helped. The thing is, they pretty much HAD to announce it when they did, it was right when they announced the DeNA deal to make mobile games. The media would have gone full “Nintendo is exiting hardware” mode if they hadn’t mentioned a new system at the same time. Not that it even stopped the media from pushing their usual fact-less agendas, instead of going “Nintendo is exiting hardware” mode they doubled down on the “Nintendo has abandoned the Wii U” narrative.

But even the reality that Nintendo is not even REMOTELY close to “exiting hardware” has not stopped the nonsense. As recent articles from different sites with quotes from “analysts” prove, facts are never on the agenda. Making or even reporting on ridiculous claims about mobile being the “new core” of the “new Nintendo” proves that they still want to push the same narrative: A doomed about to be third party Nintendo.

As bad as it is now with all the baseless speculation about Zelda U being moved or “dual released” on NX (which is unlikely to be out in 2016), it would be way WAY worse if they hadn’t said anything.

So, they didn’t have much of a choice and they knew it. They announced it then to try to preemptively combat negative and baseless speculation about them abandoning hardware. All this because of poor and unprofessional media coverage that they’ve been trying to fight against for decades.

That is all.

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  • People ought to be saying “Sony is leaving hardware” since Sony did not announce the PS5 or Vita2.

    People should also be saying, “Why get a XB1 or PS4? Wii U has more games, better games, and NX is around the corner, at least Nintendo still cares about backwards compatibility”