Mobile Is Not And Will Not Be The “New Core” of Nintendo

It’s getting really frustrating seeing articles with quotes from “analysts” who either don’t know or don’t care what Nintendo’s actual strategy with mobile is. For one, they now seem to think (or hope, more likely) that Nintendo is going to switch to being a software only “mobile focused” company. Of course, this is exactly the OPPOSITE of what Iwata had said before he died. Nintendo is not going to be a mobile focused company, and they are not changing this with the new CEO. It seems, as usual, that the media wants to portray Nintendo as being “very close” to pulling out of the hardware business yet that is not now nor will it EVER be the case.

Nintendo is using mobile as a way to expose more people to their IPs, and as a result get them to buy their systems. You will NOT see mainline Mario or Zelda games put on mobile devices, it’s not happening. That was never the plan or intention with the DeNA agreement. Nintendo has absolutely NO need nor plans to do that, they are not abandoning hardware. Mobile didn’t kill the DS, didn’t kill the 3DS, and will not kill whatever the portable component of NX is going to be. The media and these “analysts” just need to accept that and get over it. Their unrealistic dream of a mobile or software only Nintendo will never come true, no matter how hard they push that narrative.

The history of the media using ANYTHING to push a negative narrative is why Nintendo announced the NX when they did to begin with, they had to. They want to expand their market using mobile to help bring people in, not use it as a “testing ground” for a future change to mobile as a “new core.”

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