Nintendo Dream Interview With Super Mario Maker Devs

Nintendo Dream did an interview with Producer Takashi Tezuka, director Yosuke Oshino, and senior director Yoshikazu Yamashita, and now thanks to Nintendo Everything we have a translation.
Here’s a couple tidbits.

ND: It was discussed in an earlier interview how the hand that appears on screen belongs to a Nintendo employee, but in the final product you can also change that to a cat or dog paw. Certainly that cat paw belongs to a cat of Mr. Tezuka, right?

Tezuka: Yes. Any cat paw would have been alright, but I just happen to have many cats at home.

Yamashita: Ten of them, if I remember correctly?

Tezuka: That’s right, ten cats.

Tezuka: I think many people wonder what will happen to the next entry in the original series after we created this new form of side scrolling Mario action. Don’t worry, we intend to come up with interesting things even after this, so please look forward to those, too.

Tezuka’s a crazy cat lady confirmed lol, anyway head over to Nintendo Everything for the full translation.

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