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Nintendo Direct Speculation: Zelda U Is Still A Wii U Game Edition

As was announced, there will be a new Nintendo Direct on Thursday. So here’s some speculation for you to laugh at or agree with.
Zelda U will be mentioned in some way
It’s been a while since we’ve gotten some (actual) new info about it, so they’ll possibly bring it up to reconfirm it’s still a Wii U game and confirm a 2016 release. I think it’s also possible they’ll show it in more detail at TGA next month. I definitely don’t believe it’s been moved or being ported for a dual release. Since I don’t believe NX is a 2016 system.

Twilight Princess HD
We pretty much know it’s coming, so yeah.

More Splatoon DLC
This seems like an obvious thing, the game is a hit and they want to keep it going.

Smash Bros. DLC Update
Another obvious prediction, there will probably be a new character announced or an update on the character voting results.

New Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack
Here’s one that I really want to see, the next DLC pack for Mario Kart 8. Nintendo has said that the DLC packs would continue and it’s been a while since the last one.

Mario Maker DLC
Maybe not as likely since they just released the checkpoint update, but I think it’s possible they announce some major DLC or update that adds something like slopes and new graphic sets. Maybe some new enemies and powerups?

New Star Fox Zero trailer/release date
This one should happen, the direct covers games up to spring 2016 and it should be finished and ready for release by then. Maybe they’ll announce Amiibo support and multiplayer?

Minecraft Wii U Edition
Just taking a shot in the dark here. lol

Pikmin 4
Well we know it’s being made, but don’t know if it’s Wii U or not or when it would come out. If it’s a 2016 Wii U game there’s a possibility it gets shown or at least mentioned.

Beyond that, probably just release dates for already announced games and maybe a few other surprises.

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