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Pathetic Things That Happened In Gaming In 2015

2015 is over and with it came some awesome games, some massive disappointments, and some despicable actions by companies and people in the industry. Here are some of the pathetic things that happened in 2015, from Konami’s horrible treatment of it’s employees to a forum owner openly shitting on a gaming legend’s memory.

Konami’s Treatment of Hideo Kojima

As you all know by now, Hideo Kojima left Konami this year. But the real story is Konami’s horrible treatment of him and the horrible handling of their own games for years now. He was supposed to appear at The Game Awards, but Konami didn’t let it happen. They kept lying about him being “on vacation” when it was clear he was leaving. They have become one of the biggest examples of terrible management and treating your employees like garbage.
Sad, since they used to be one of the best developers in the industry.

Manufactured Xenoblade “Censorship Controversy”

This of course, could only happen to Nintendo. “Gamers” who likely had zero interest in the game, tried to make a huge stink out of a costume being changed in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The costume being a rather skimpy bikini intended for a female character that is 13 years old. It was rightfully changed. These same people crying about censorship would have done the same thing if they had “made her older.” Because of course, then it wouldn’t be “staying true to the original game.” And that wouldn’t work because she’s very clearly younger than all the other characters. Just changing the dialog wouldn’t change how young she looks. It was just another pathetic attempt to stir up bullshit targeted at Nintendo. And we all know if they had left it in these same people would be “horrified!” at the sexualization of an underage girl in a video game. Especially by a “kiddy” company like Nintendo.

The Horrible PC Port of Arkham Knight

The PC version of Batman Arkham Knight was released in nearly unplayable form. The PC version suffered from freezes, audio glitches, frame rate stuttering, and texture degradation. The issues were known about for months before it was released, and even after taking several months to attempt to fix them. There were still several noticeable issues with the port. It was such a disaster that Steam began allowing anyone that bought it to get a full refund for the rest of 2015, no matter how long they had played it.

Star Wars: Battlefront DLC Costing Nearly As Much As The Game

Star Wars: Battlefront was released for full price, with the biggest complaints from players and reviews being that it was light on content. But worse than that, at launch EA was selling a $50 season pass for DLC. For a game that was already light on content, you have to pay nearly full price AGAIN to get more content. This is no surprise coming from a greedy and horrible publisher like EA.

And because I know some people LOVE to throw every negative thing said about other companies back at Nintendo, I’ll get this out of the way now.

You absolutely CANNOT compare Splatoon to this game. Splatoon was a bit content light at launch, but that’s where it ends, as Nintendo has given us TONS of free content since then. You can’t compare Super Mario Maker to this either, because, once again, it has gotten multiple free updates with new content and features since launch.

If EA made Splatoon and Super Mario Maker they’d be broken messes with $50 season passes instead of free content.

NeoGAF Owner Tyler Malka’s Disgustingly Disrespectful Actions After Iwata’s Death.

This is maybe the most blatant display of hateful disrespect I’ve seen towards Nintendo, Nintendo fans, and a beloved gaming legend. After Iwata’s tragic death this year, Tyler Malka, the owner of NeoGAF, decided he didn’t want to honor him in any capacity. So, instead of just saying that he scapegoated some mourning Nintendo fans to justify not putting a special banner up in Iwata’s memory. He probably lied about having had it made to begin with. Then in true egomaniac asshole fashion, he tried to say that the people wanting him honored were disrespecting his memory. Some people wanted him to do something to honor an ACTUAL gaming icon and his ego wouldn’t allow it to happen, because “no one tells ME what to do.”

This, as many Nintendo fans know, is nothing new for him, or his horrible site. He has a history of insulting Nintendo fans, and despite his claims that he would “never sell out.” He did, to Sony.  Which explains the blatant pro-Sony bias in the userbase and moderating.
And that’s all the attention I want to give that asshole.


I could write a whole lot more, but I don’t really feel like trying to find details on every stupid thing that happened last year. It would just turn into a long rant about how no one is allowed to say a Wii U game looks good on a certain gaming forum without getting attacked.

K bye.

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