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Paper Mario: Color Splash Screenshots

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  • Titangamecube

    Holy crap, this shit looks beautiful. Why would anyone want to get this game cancelled?

    • snesfreak

      They’ve decided based on a minute of video that it’s a rehash of Sticker Star and will be garbage.

      • Titangamecube

        I mean, I know sticker star has its flaws but I actually liked it. To doom a game on that basis is just silly.

      • kingofthesofa

        True. How many times have we seen this ? SM3DW , Hyrule Warriors , Fed Force , TP HD , Star Fox and they are just the most recent. These so called Nintendo fans spend hours spewing vitriol in comments sections based on the slightest information , without even playing the game in question. They then suddenly go quiet when the games arrive and , in the main , they turn out great.

        • snesfreak

          Though with 3D World some people still keep it up even now.
          They can’t accept that they were wrong about it.

          Then there’s the people that continue to say TPHD looks exactly the same.

          Though, I will say Federation Force could look a lot better. Seems to show it’s DS roots. But that doesn’t justify the insane responses some people have.

          • alex9234

            And people are still like that with Wind Waker because it wasn’t what was shown in the 2000 Space World trailer.

          • snesfreak

            And with Zelda U (and TPHD) cause it’s not the tech demo from 2011.

          • :)

            Then again, people still bring up Sonic 2006…ten years later.

          • alex9234

            Well, that’s understandable at least since it really is a crappy game.

          • :)

            Yeah, but it’s been ten years, and all of the others have been good.

            Have you realized that Mario’s paint bucket partner is paper in some parts of the trailer and 3D in others?
            Something’s amiss…

    • Q Mulative

      Because it means they have to acknowledge that they actually want a Wii U for it.

      • Titangamecube

        That is true. I do understand the flaws of sticker star but we don’t know how this game will actually be.