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Aonuma and Sano on Twilight Princess HD

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Eiji Aonuma and Tomomi Sano talked about Twilight Princess HD.
Nintendo Everything has provided a translation of it, here is a few snippets.

Famitsu: Please tell us the full details on how you decided to remake Twilight Princess in full HD.

Aonuma: Before starting development of the new Zelda – which we are making right now – actually at the same time a suggestion came out to try out remaking an older Zelda game in HD, and we had attempted that with Twilight Princess. Then at that time, in order of release, Wind Waker HD launched first, and after that had calmed down, we arrived at the remake of Twilight Princess. However, as you may have known, we at the Zelda team had already started development on the newest game for Wii U, so we asked an Australian development company Tantalus (who also made the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3) to handle the remake. Sano then mainly communicated with them while they were progressing with creating the game.

Famitsu: So I heard that the save data for this game that’s saved in the Wolf Link amiibo has some connections to the [upcoming] newest Legend of Zelda…

Aonuma: It’s not the save data itself, but “Part of the data saved in the Wolf Link amiibo can be brought over and used in the new title too”. For some people, when they play the new title, they might feel the urge to play Twilight Princess HD one more time.

Check out the full translation on Nintendo Everything.

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