New 3DS Virtual Console 2

Nintendo Explains Why SNES Games Are Only On New 3DS

A Nintendo rep told Game Informer:

“As previously announced, New Nintendo 3DS has an improved CPU, which enables Super NES games to run on the system with quality results. The Super NES games also include Perfect-Pixel mode, which allows players to see their games in their original TV resolution and aspect resolution.”

Basically, the old 3DS cpu can’t quite handle it well enough.


If you intend on trolling the comments with lies like on Nintendo Everything, don’t bother trying.

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  • Sagadego15

    yup. also i’ve seen on gamefaqs one of the 3ds homebew emulator makers stated the samething.

  • Joshua J. Slone

    I understand this is their reasoning, I just find it so hard to believe. I used a homebrew SNES emulator on GBA that was halfway passable, and one for DS that worked pretty well except for some scaling issues. That the professionals still needed another 1.5 generations to make it work well enough to be satisfied seems a bit much; they must’ve skimped on the original 3DS CPU more than I realized.