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Nintendo Denies Nikkei Report That Wii U Production Is Stopping This Year

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Nikkei earlier today reported that Nintendo would be stopping production of the Wii U by the end of the year.
Nintendo has now denied that report, as reported by Japanese site NetLab, a spokesperson for Nintendo told them the report didn’t come from them and that they intend to continue production of the Wii U during the next fiscal year and beyond.  So this report of Nintendo ceasing production of the Wii U seems to be false, not that something being proven false has ever stopped anyone from repeating it endlessly until it’s widespread and considered “truth.”

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  • Titangamecube

    Called it. I made a discussion on my disqus channel, advising people not to trust anything Nikkei says.

    • :)

      What’s your opinion on the controller pic?

      • Titangamecube


        • :)

          Why do you think so? The GI staff said it matches what he heard about it…but then again, it’s the GI staff.

          • Titangamecube

            Until Nintendo announces the NX, anything, pics or information is speculative. Besides, anything can be photoshopped