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Wreck-It-Ralph Director Still Interested In Sequel With Mario

Wreck-It-Ralph 2 hasn’t been officially announced, but director Rich Moore has hinted at it.

IGN asked him about it recently and he laughed and said “Maybe, maybe.” then mouthed “yes.”
He also said this about it:

“I think the world of that first film is so big and the characters are very rich and I just think that they have more stories in them. The end of the movie felt like a launching point. It felt like it wouldn’t be straining to tell another story in that world as some films are. To me, I feel like I can definitely see where it would go, and I think the audience kind of felt that way too.”

He said this about including Mario:
“In the first one we didn’t have Mario in that movie, so it would be great to have the great Mario in a second one if we did it.”

And, that thanks to a “good relationship with Nintendo” it might be possible.

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  • I loved Wreck-it-Ralph; would love to see the sequel happen. ^_^