EX-Rare Employees: Wave Race 64 Originally had Boards, Donkey Kong’s Tie and Ground Pound Came From Miyamoto

The latest issue of RetroGamer has an interview with a few former Rare employees, and they talk about their relationship with Nintendo.

Chris Seavor told them that Rare came up with jet skis in Wave Race 64, while it was Shigeru Miyamoto that suggested ties in Donkey Kong Country:

“Bottom line, everybody won: Wave Race 64 was originally with boats until Tim suggested Jet Skis and in Donkey Kong Country he didn’t have a tie until Miyamoto added one.”

Chris Sutherland also revealed that it was Miyamoto that suggested the ground pound:
“The ground slap that Donkey Kong performed in the DKC series originated as a suggestion from Miyamoto.”

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