Zelda 30th Anniversary 1

Zelda 30th Anniversary: Playing The Legend of Zelda: Part 1

So to pass the time until Zelda U (or U/NX whatever) comes out, I’m going to reply as many Zelda games as I can.

I’m not casting or recording this, due to my crap connection and lack of decent capturing gear. But I will be posting updates as I play through them.

UPDATE: So I decided to record video of some of the games, starting with LoZ.

I’m starting with the original, and taking screenshots with witty (just go with it) notes as I play through it.

If you’ve never played the original Zelda, these screens will definitely spoil some secrets in the game, just a warning. I’m also posting these on the forum in this thread, so if you want to join in and post your own screens or whatever, feel free.

The original Zelda, my first Zelda game (I’m old you know.)
Yes, with this wooden sword you can protect yourself!
What could be in here?
I’ll be back for you Heart Container!
ZELDA! Seeeecrets.
Bush burnin’
Unlike Andrew Reiner I know that the secret door is on the RIGHT side.
Ooooh it’s white!
Entering level 1 with the white sword, ladder, raft, 8 hearts, a red potion, and the blue ring.
Just like the pros!
Vague hint is vague.
Yes the bow! Now to collect some…arrows…what do you mean it uses my rupees!?
Triforce piece GET!

Until next time, bye.

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  • ShadyKnights

    Link’s skills must be fantastic to fire those huge rupees as if they were arrows