Nintendo Minute

Nintendo Minute – Super Mario Maker with SethBling

In this week’s Nintendo Minute Kit and Krysta make a Super Mario Maker level with SethBling (who you may have heard about for injecting Flappy Bird code into Super Mario World).

The level they made: FDBB-0000-000D-F644

One other thing, the kind of childish trolling I saw on the Nintendo Everything post for this will never be tolerated here. That user has already been banned here for his numerous other troll comments on that site.

He's been playing video games his entire life, and has gotten progressively worse at them as he's gotten older and more decrepit. He's been running this place (into the ground) since 2013. He's old. Keeps writing about Nintendo despite mountains of evidence proving he should never write anything. Very old. Lifelong Nintendo fan, doesn't care what you think about that. Did I mention how old he is? Because he's very old.