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NX Wishlist

In my boredom and while I’m waiting for my failed attempt at beating my Japanese copy of Chrono Trigger to upload, I decided to write a few things I’d like to see for the NX. This isn’t about waiting it to be an “uber console” or whining about account systems. It’s more just features and extra things I’d like to see it be able to do.

Built in Twitch/Youtube/etc Streaming
The PS4 and XBox One both have this, and it’s really useful if you don’t have a good capture setup *cough*like me*cough*.

USB 3 ports.
This is something that could help with external drive and peripheral support. Plus USB3 is now a well established standard and shouldn’t cost anymore to add to the hardware than USB2.

Video Out For The Portable

Since there is likely to be a portable “NX” system as well as the home console, I’d really like to have it include some sort of builtin video out port, it’d be nice to not have to mod the system or have a special version to be able to capture video/stream from it. Or if it’s possible, builtin streaming could also be added to the portable. But that might be more complicated due to needing to encode the video.

Faster/Better Screenshot Feature

This one might be a *bit* nitpicky, but I’d like to see an improved screenshot feature. For one, make it able to save then locally, But also, make it always save them at the games actual resolution. So no more 720p screens of TP/WWHD for example. This applies to the portable even more, on (the original anyway) 3DS it takes quite a while to go into the browser and upload a screen.

Good Dev Tools

This is probably the only thing I’ll bring up as far as this goes, but the development tools need to be really good and developer friendly. Can’t give devs any excuses to not support the system this time (I’m sure they’ll find some anyway.)

Awesome games

Well, duh. We already know we’ll get this, it’s Nintendo after all.

Region Free

While this doesn’t really matter *as* much to me personally, I know there are certain people *cough*Cheesemeister*cough* that really want this to happen. It seems like it could happen on NX, going by previous comments that Nintendo was looking into it.

Ethernet Port

An ethernet port would be nice, for people who have “issues” with using wireless (I don’t mean problems getting it to work.)

4K Support

I guess this wouldn’t be so much for games, more for video playback (Netflix/Youtube/etc) or whatever. I don’t want the NX to turn into the “PS4k” and cost too much. But, you know how people would complain if it could “only” do 1080p.

A Standard Hard Drive

By now Nintendo should be able to include a more standard drive in the system, it doesn’t have to be 2TB but it shouldn’t be required to get an external drive anymore if you go digital only.

That’s all I can think of for now, leave your ideas (avoid hardware power and account system complaints though) below. Or you can also post in the NX Speculation Thread (which hasn’t been getting much use lol)

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  • Q Mulative

    Now that the IARC exists to provide cost-effective worldwide ratings to developers (including indies), region-free doesn’t have to be a losing proposition business-wise. That’s why you see Nintendo giving a region-free strategy another chance.

    • ShadyKnights

      Only think I can say I’m not a fan of is that 2 systems idea. Unless the bells and whistles are comparable to that of the Deluxe Wii U to the standard one, I think tier consoles is a poor idea up front just because consumers will tend to feel like X goodies could/should have been in Y console or that Y console was cheaper because key features we removed. People are too stupid and greedy en mass for that kind of thing, so I say just keep it simple and be done with it.

  • Sagadego15

    upgrade-able hard drive *coughxboxonelackscough* please.

  • :)

    Forget all that, I just want that AR lamp thing! XD