Super Mario Maker

Some Things I’d Like To See In Future Super Mario Maker Updates

Super Mario Maker has been getting some pretty cool updates since release, and here are a few things I’d like to see in the future.

Two-Way Pipes
Currently pipes are only able to go between sub-levels. I want to be able to make a pipe that you enter and exit in the same area. Mario 3’s World 7 uses this a lot.

“Vertical” Levels
This would be again, like in Mario 3 in world 7, or the World 5 sky levels where you’re climbing up clouds. Basically levels where you can make it extremely tall instead of long.
Mario 3 “Multi-direction” Platforms
These are the floating platforms in World 7 that have arrows on them, some of them you change the direction they’re moving in by jumping.

Mario 1 Style “Choose The Right Path” Sections
Like in the Castle levels, where you have to choose the right path in the right order to get past an area. Could just be done with markers in the editor to create the sections or something. Like in Mario 1/Lost Levels if you take the wrong path the area would repeat.

Water Areas In Non-Water Theme Levels
This is simple, right now you can only have underwater levels. I’d like to see a water “object” that lets you add water to above ground areas.

The Sun.
This is so Dan Ryckert can make the most terrifying level ever.

I could probably think of more things but I’m tired.
These things should be able to be done easily enough. The Vertical levels would probably be the most complicated, as it might need to be a level “theme” since currently you can only make objects go up a certain level.
There are still quite a few objects and enemies they could add, hopefully the game continues on with an NX version in the future as well.

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