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Shovel Knight Has Sold 1.2 Million Copies, 180,000 Amiibo


David D’Angelo from Yacht Club Games revealed in a post on Gamasutra that Shovel Knight has sold 1.2 million copies. With 200,000 copies coming from physical sales. He also revealed that 180,000 Shovel Knight Amiibo were sold.



We hope to provide a very in-depth article about how the Shovel Knight amiibo was made soon. So stay tuned for that! In the meantime, here’s a bit about its sales so far. Believe it or not, we actually ordered over 200,000 units to be manufactured and shipped all over the world. We’ve currently sold through 180,000 of those units since the amiibo figure launched January 8th. 60,000 of those going to Europe and the rest going to North America. The sales for the amiibo figure are still strong, enough so that our North American distribution branch decided to order 30,000 more units!

More details on the game’s sales can be found at the link below.


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