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Nintendo NX to Launch Worldwide in March 2017



During their financial briefing that took place today, Nintendo announced that the NX, the upcoming dedicated video game hardware from Nintendo, will be releasing in March 2017. The company also confirmed that it will not be shown at E3 2016.


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  • Well, guess that rules out the possibility that the NX is coming this year, which is no surprise to me; 2017 it is.

    I await to see more games this year for Wii U including Zelda. ^_^

  • :)

    More Wii U titles at E3, I’m guessing.

  • WSJ4L

    I’m sure you’re already aware, but the only playable Wii U title at E3 is Zelda.

    • :)

      On top of that, it’s the only playable Nintendo title, period.

      • That seems insane.
        I really hope that’s not actually the case, but who the fuck knows at this point?

        • :)

          Does it really matter, though? It’s not like we’re going, nobody knows what the NX is, and Nintendo is tired of the media killing ’em.