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NX Using Carts/Cards Would NOT Be A Bad Thing

The rumor about NX using carts is back. The patent filing for Breath of the Wild includes “game cartridges.” This is usually only seen on Vita and 3DS games, as they are cart based. If this ends up being true, and the NX is using carts, this is NOT a bad thing.

“But snes! Carts are dumb and expensive and can’t hold as much as discs!”


Did I time travel back to 1996?

Nowadays it actually makes sense to go back to carts, because they’re nowhere near as expensive as they were in the past. Using carts would eliminate a ton of moving parts in the console, and reduce heat and noise. You would no longer be required to install games (although this hasn’t been a problem on Nintendo systems, it DEFINITELY is one on PS4 and I’m assuming XBox One when using discs.) Load times would be reduced, which was the big advantage back on the N64. The biggest disadvantage to using carts is no longer even an issue, as they’re now able to hold as much or more than discs.

I was listening to the “The Juice is Loose” podcast on Youtube, and they were talking about this. Nintendo could fight the negative image some people (who either don’t know any better or who would just want to trash Nintendo) have of carts with effective advertising. Simply showing how you have to install a game on the other systems, while showing the same game being booted up instantly would be VERY effective.

The people that advertising showing very clear advantages like that wouldn’t work on, weren’t going to buy the NX anyway.

So now, assuming this rumor has any truth to it, the question is: What type or size of carts/cards could Nintendo use for the NX? I’m talking about the actual physical size of the cart/card, not the amount of storage it would have.

This was also discussed on The Juice Is Loose, should Nintendo use 3DS size carts or something a little bigger, like the GB carts were? As nostalgic as using SNES style carts would be, they would definitely need to avoid that. It would have to be something that can just be inserted into the system and not be seen.

So, clearly there are plenty of big advantages right now to using carts for the NX. Cost isn’t the issue it was in the 90s nor is size a problem anymore. And it would eliminate several problems optical disc-based systems have like load times and mandatory installs. As well as what I said before, reducing heat and moving parts that can wear out.

Like I said, *if* this is true it’s NOT a reason to get all doom and gloomy about the system.

It could actually be a big advantage in many ways.

It’s not 1996 anymore.


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  • Indeed.

    Nintendo returning to carts in the form of game cards(similar to the DS and 3DS game cards) for the NX platform would be very awesome, if it comes true; unlike in 1996, there’s already enough GB or TB storage to produce such a cheap enough format if Nintendo goes along with it.

    We will have to see when Nintendo reveals what the NX really is come fall of this year.

  • Pinkie-Dawn

    The use of cartridges and the fact that it has a Spring release instead of a holiday release hints that the NX is gonna be handheld-like.

    • It could be, or it may as well be part of a ‘family’ of NX systems all using the same game card format; just my guess.