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Want Sonic Mania on Wii U/NX? Let Sega Know!

Sega announced two Sonic games last night, but the first one they announced, called “Sonic Mania” is apparently not coming to any Nintendo console. It doesn’t make much sense does it? The new 3D Sonic game will be coming to NX but, it seems the 2D game that’s in the style on the old Genesis game is not planned. That game is scheduled for “Spring 2017” which, is of course, the same time that NX is being released (this was just confirmed again in Nintendo’s earnings release).

Why wouldn’t they bring the retro styled game to Wii U or NX? They’re bringing the new higher budget game to it, so what’s up?

Let Sega know that Sonic fans want the game on Nintendo platforms, but DO NOT just spam reply every tweet they put out even if it has nothing to do with Sonic (See: Mother 3 fans.) I saw someone say they were using #SonicManiaForNX as a hashtag, so use that, let’s try to make it trend and get Sega’s attention while there’s still a chance to get it on at least NX.

But again, remember not to spam them with it.
That doesn’t work, and it’s just annoying.

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    • Well, then don’t lol.
      This was directed at Sonic fans that want the game on NX.