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The Super Nintendo Came Out 25 Years Ago In North America


The Greatest Of All Time.

The Super Nintendo came out 25 years ago today in North America. The library of classics on this system is untouchable. I got my original SNES for Christmas in 1991, one of the best memories I have. I also got U.N. Squadron that year, which to this day absolutely kicks my ass. Even with cheats lol.

Super Mario World, Final Fantasy 2 and 3, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Actraiser, Super Metroid, A Link To The Past, the Quintet trilogy (even though Terranigma didn’t come out in the US), the DKC games. There are so many awesome games it would take forever to go through them all.

The SNES is a true legend in the industry, and without doubt the greatest console ever made.

And it shares a birthday with the greatest rock drummer of all time, Keith Moon!

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  • Sagadego15

    still have mine. misplaced the controller though.