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DS1889 Video: Lazy Owner of Doomed Since 1889 Begs For People To Run Site For Him


So, we’re still looking for people to help post news and stuff.
Especially this month, with the almost inevitable reveal of the NX coming.
Edit (10/15):
I won’t have internet access for a few days at least since I’m moving.
I’ll respond to anyone that is interested as soon as I can.

If you’re at all interested, check out the thread on the forum.

He's been playing video games his entire life, and has gotten progressively worse at them as he's gotten older and more decrepit. He's been running this place (into the ground) since 2013. He's old. Keeps writing about Nintendo despite mountains of evidence proving he should never write anything. Very old. Lifelong Nintendo fan, doesn't care what you think about that. Did I mention how old he is? Because he's very old.

  • Sagadego15

    make sure you get the right person for the job.