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They Took Our Games: A Rant About Entitled Gamers

So I guess it’s time for another crazy rant, this time about gamers that feel entitled to every game being on “their” system and ONLY their system.
You know, the type of people that think us Nintendo fans don’t deserve to have anything exclusive to Nintendo systems.
These people often overlap with the “Nintendo should go third party” crowd, same attitude.

If thinking every third party game belongs only on THEIR systems isn’t bad enough, they then start saying that NINTENDO’S OWN GAMES shouldn’t be on Nintendo systems.

If you’re thinking “Oh no one thinks like that” then just look at the reactions anytime Nintendo gets ANYTHING exclusive to one of their systems
Bayonetta 2 is a perfect example. The reactions to that announcement were disgusting and even though it’s been years you still see people saying it should be on PS4, often harassing Hideki Kamiya on Twitter. The entitlement is so bad that some people think the game shouldn’t have been made if it wasn’t on THEIR platform.

And more recently, just RUMORS of Beyond Good And Evil 2 being a Switch (then known as NX) exclusive brought out the entitlement bullshit.
I saw someone arguing that it shouldn’t be an exclusive to Switch, because “Nintendo fans only buy kiddy Mario games” and the first one was on PS2.
The same person repeatedly attacked Nintendo fans, called Nintendo games “kiddy garage”, and clearly outed himself as nothing but a pathetic comment section troll.
But I saw people agreeing with his idiotic, baseless, childish crap.

But it’s not just games from big developers that bring this attitude out, even smaller games from indie devs like Shin’en trigger this behavior.
Shin’en has long supported Nintendo platforms almost exclusively, and when they’ve ported their games to other platforms they didn’t sell.
But still you’ll see people downplaying how good Fast Racing NEO looks, and saying it should be on “real” hardware.

Then there are the people that think Nintendo’s own games should be on PS4 or PC or XB1.
They’ll try to argue that Nintendo fans “only buy Mario games”, so why should the games be “limited” to Nintendo’s “underpowered gimmick systems.”
One person was arguing that Xenoblade Chronicles X being on Wii U was costing the developer money that would have been made if it was on PS4..
Made by Monolithsoft.
Who are owned by Nintendo.

You can lie all you want about wanting those games on other systems, you won’t buy them.

No one is begging Sony or MS to “go third party” so their first party games will be on other systems.

You simply don’t want Nintendo to have a platform that can take “your” games from you.

You want Nintendo out of the way, out of hardware, so there’s less competition.
Because, you feel entitled to having EVERYTHING on your platform, even first party games of other platform holders.

This is insane.
This is entitlement.
This is console wars.
This is pathetic.

Get over yourselves.

You don’t have the right to demand every game, first party, third party, whatever, be on your system of choice.
People like this view Nintendo as outsiders that are “ruining” a hobby that they think belongs to them and only them.
They spend more time trolling comment sections and forums than actually playing the games on their platforms.

Meanwhile, while claiming non-Nintendo games are SO much better they keep telling us that Nintendo hardware is trash and they should go third party because “they want” Zelda on PS4.

No, you don’t.

You won’t buy Zelda if it was on PS4, you just feel entitled to it because it’s not and will never be on YOUR favorite system.

You complain about Nintendo games being exclusive to Nintendo platforms, well duh.

Of course NINTENDO games will be exclusive to NINTENDO platforms.

That’s how it works.
They are a first party company.
They are not going third party, ever.

Your attitude of feeling entitled to everything won’t change that.
If you really wanted to play Zelda so bad, you’d buy a Nintendo system.

And I see your comments about “Oh emulators are gonna be good soon.”
I see you talk about playing Wii U games on them, while you say nothing about owning the system.

I see you brag about how you’d gladly pirate Nintendo games, but no mention of actually BUYING them.

I see you.
You console warring hypocrites that have no problem pirating Nintendo games but would never even consider buying them.
Anything to not have to buy one of “those” consoles, right?

You didn’t buy the Gamecube, you called the Wii a fad while it was outselling everything else by a mile, you pretended to be confused by the Wii U, you trashed the Switch from the first mention of it when it was known as NX. You say Breath of the Wild looks like a 360 launch game.

Yet we’re supposed to believe you’d buy anything made by Nintendo on your PS4 or PC?

Give me a break.

Nintendo owes YOU nothing, you are not entitled to having them bail on hardware just so you can laugh and say “HAHA I was never gonna buy your shit games.”

Games don’t “belong” to you.

Nintendo games will always be on Nintendo platforms.

Nintendo isn’t less deserving of exclusives, that’s just YOUR entitlement coming out.

That is all.
Good day.

But Sne-

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  • Loved how you ended with the Willy Wonka reference. ^_^

    • It’s actually more of a That 70s Show reference to Fez, but I guess it works for Willy Wonka too.

  • Jewelwriter Moonstar

    I wondered how long you were holding this in. I’d say you really nailed every bit into a 115 hit Ultra to send the scoreboard flying.

    *claps* Congradulations.. I’m sending this to the net where I’m from.

  • Q Mulative You can extend that to say that not just Nintendo games, but BETTER games entirely, will always be on Nintendo platforms.

    The raw numbers have already shown that the best selling exclusives this gen are all Wii U titles. They’ve also shown that only the Wii U has exclusive titles selling 5 million copies or more.

    All that’s really left is for Nintendo fans to remind the general internet audience, third party developers, and “games journalists” of this, and hammer that into their skulls as hard as necessary for them to never forget it.

  • Pinkie-Dawn

    I was expecting a rant on Nintendo fans being outraged that Nintendo is trying to cater to an open market to grow their fanbase, because they think Nintendo should cater only to them: the gamers who have been playing their games since the NES days. You know, how hipsters complain about an obscure thing they use to like becoming mainstream.

    I should mention that a youtuber by the name of TheGamerTronShow who has this exact mindset as what this rant article is describing about entitled gamers.

    • Jewelwriter Moonstar

      Funny…. I haven’t heard from the guy in a time… how’s his sanity?

      • Pinkie-Dawn

        From two weeks ago:

        He still hasn’t change one bit with his defense towards disappointing AAA titles.

  • :)

    Hear, hear!