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No Breath of the Wild At Switch Launch Isn’t Necessarily A Delay


As you all know, there’s a rumor about Breath of the Wild missing the Switch launch due to the localization taking longer than expected. Now, this is disappointing IF it happens (we all want the game NOW dammit lol), but this isn’t necessarily a delay. Nintendo never specifically said it was going to be released at launch. They’ve always only said “2017.”

But even if it doesn’t make it, there are also rumors about the Mario game being a launch title instead. And it wouldn’t be a long wait, since it seems like it would only be pushed back to early summer.

It could still make it for launch, but if it doesn’t don’t get all pissed off about “another delay” when they never gave a March release date for it.

And please keep any hateful comments about the Treehouse to yourselves, they are not “incompetent.”

This game is HUGE, and it taking a little longer than expected to finish the localization and QA testing does not mean they don’t know what they’re doing.



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