“Life In The Ruins” Trailer Analysis: A Bunch of Things You Know Already

So I’ve decided to write up an analysis of the Breath of the Wild trailer shown at The Game Awards. And like the title says it’ll just be a bunch of stuff you’ve heard or read already, but here we go anyway.

So the trailer starts out with a Sheikah Eye on a parchment, sort of similar to both the Skyward Sword and Wind Waker story intro sequences. A teardrop falls from the “eye” onto the ground, and some trees appear. Also, am I the only one that hears the Kakariko Village theme in the piano notes played here?
treesThe scene then cuts to a shot of a forest in the game, which seems to show changing seasons as it then switches to trees with red leaves that would appear in the fall. Or at the least, areas that have different colored leaves on trees.

parchment-peopleIt then changes back to the parchment, showing some humans that seem to be farming, as well as a horse.

npcbridgeThe next scene in the game is a shot of a human NPC, walking across a bridge carrying a spear. This is likely a traveler. You can the “twin peaks” in the background on the right, as well as a Guardian to the left.
npcsfightingIt then cuts to a scene showing two NPCs (neither are Link) fighting two blue Bokoblins on there own. I wonder if they could join up with Link or maybe reward you for helping them out in some way?

horsebuildingThe next scene shows a building with a horse head, with some NPCs outside. There is a definite wildlife theme going on here, but of course it fits with the game being called “Breath of the Wild.”
yesthisisdogIt cuts to the same area showing an NPC riding a horse, and being followed by a dog (cats are better, come at me brahs!) Something that’s been pointed out is how the NPCs look at each other as they pass by.

parchment-buildingsThe next shot of the parchment shows four buildings, maybe there are four main towns?

village1 village2

The next scene is a shot of one of the towns, showing one of the towns. There are several buildings, and one larger building at the far end which would appear to be for a mayor or village chief.


In the next scene we see Link without his Sheikah Slate, and with the Master Sword on his back. It doesn’t appear to be damaged at all at this point.


We then see a bird-like character fly up from below a platform, we get a brief glimpse of him (I’ll point it out like everyone else, he looks like Falco) before he flies off towards a flying bird-shaped ship-like object. Very very likely the same one that was seen in all the previous gameplay from E3.

birdshipblue birdshipred birdshipred2

Interestingly, the first shot of it shows blue glowing areas. While the next shot shows the same areas glowing in red, much like the Guardians that attack Link as well as Calamity Ganon.

It also definitely resembles Sheikah technology as seen in the other parts of the game we’ve seen so far. It’s possible that this ship gets taken over by Calamity Ganon much like the Guardians seem to have been. It seems very possible that the first shot of this area takes place in the past, either through time travel or a flashback scene where Link gets some of his memories back.


The next shot of the parchment shows Hyrule Castle with what could very well be Ganon in front of it, and rows of Guardians facing away from the castle.

The scene cuts to Link on horseback fighting two Guardians at once. You see him attack one of their legs, and both of them react at the same time.


The next shot shows a girl, which has about a 95% chance of being Zelda. I don’t think it’s Impa, though you can bet Impa is in the game. She’s dressed in similar colors to what Link wears in most of the scenes, but it looks more “royal.” She’s carrying what seems to be the Sheikah Slate. Maybe this is another flashback or cutscene from when Link is put in the Shrine of Resurrection?


The next shows what is obviously Hyrule Castle being attacked by Calamity Ganon, it cuts to some shots of ruins then to a fountain area that looks nearly identical to the castle town in Twilight Princess. Right down to the flags. There are some differences, one being the statue in the fountain being different.

In the next scene Link is surrounded by energy, maybe this has something to do with the Hylia statues found in the game? Or the towers or something. Who knows. Not me that’s for sure.


Then it cuts to Link, again with the Master Sword, kneeling in front of someone. With another female character standing next to him. This could be Impa, or Zelda I’m not sure. She makes a fist and it cuts to the Breath of the Wild logo. This again appears to be in the past, as Link has the Master Sword in prime condition and they seem to be at Hyrule Castle.

This trailer should put a lot of the irrational concern trolling to rest, like people relentlessly claiming there will be no towns or NPCs in the world. It also gives us a LOT of questions, like what that flying bird ship thing is, and who Falco really is.

That’s all for my hastily written analysis with absolutely nothing you haven’t seen or heard before on the tons of other, much better, videos and articles about it.


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