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Rant: Super Mario Run Costs Money? OH THE HORROR!


In the most shocking thing to ever happen on the internet, entitled “gamers” are taking to Twitter and (I’m assuming) Facebook and other comment sections to voice their displeasure over having to *GASP* PAY for a video game!


So, you really thing Nintendo should just give their games away, just because? $10 is too much for you? I hope you crybabies never own any real gaming platforms, because you’re the kind of people that would complain even when a game is 75% off on Steam.  You are entitled little assholes that don’t deserve anything with actual quality. You complain about $10 for a game, but then gladly let yourself get nickel and dimed to death by other mobile games with tons of micro-transactions.

I knew this would happen. Because most of the people that play games on their phone don’t want to pay more than  $2 for them. If they pay for them at all. If $10 is too much, then why would anyone pay for an actual full priced game on their phone?

It’s also a good bet some of these people just hate Nintendo, and are the same kind of gamers that think every game should be exclusive to “their” console.

But for the most part, these are just cheap-asses that think anything on their phone should be free or $0.99. Who cares about the quality of the game? They’ll play anything as long as they don’t have to pay for it.

That’s all folks.

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  • Sagadego15

    also don’t forget that minecraft is a pay title on ios and it’s selling a ton as well