Rant: Assholes Who Spread Fake Rumors (See: Breath of the Wild Wii U is Canceled)

OK I am tired of this shit.
I’m not talking about people who put out credible rumors, like Emily or Laura Kate Dale.
I’m talking about stupid fucking assholes who start spreading shit like Breath of the Wild on Wii U being canceled.

It’s not.

This shit is apparently continuing to spread, despite it being debunked immediately.
For fuck’s sake, they JUST showed the game at The Game Awards.

Breath of the Wild is not, and will not be canceled on Wii U.

Now I know that idea gives Nintendo hating man-children a hate-boner, but too fucking bad for them.
Nintendo does some silly stuff sometimes, but there is no fucking way they are going to cancel this game on Wii U.

Now STFU about this and go back to making moronic claims about Switch being “no more powerful” than Wii U.


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