Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Officially Confirms Switch Version of DQXI


In a blog post on their Japanese site, Nintendo confirmed what we’ve basically known for a while. Dragon Quest XI is coming to the Switch.

なお、本作は Nintendo Switch での発売も予定されています。

Translated through Google (because I don’t speak Japanese lmao)

In addition, this work is planned to be released on the Nintendo Switch.

I’ve seen people wondering which version it will be based on, there’s really no reason it couldn’t be the PS4 version.

Though it could be a hybrid of both I suppose, maybe it could switch between the HD graphics and the sprite based graphics similar to how the 3DS version is.

As for why it wasn’t in the trailer and other promotional materials, I’m sure that’s just because it’s going to be shown at the Switch event next month. And Nintendo wants to keep it as a part of their full unveiling of the system.

So, Square-Enix, please localize this game.


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