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“Switch Isn’t As Powerful As PS4” Duh.


First thing I have to wonder when I see people complain about the Switch being “weak” is…what were you expecting? Did you REALLY think a system that is also a portable system, and has all the hardware INSIDE the portable would be the same level or HIGHER than a PS4?

This was never feasible. This was never realistic. This was never going to happen.

The Switch has to have good enough battery life, and not melt when you use it.

Neither of those things are possible if you’re also cramming hardware that can outperform the PS4 in the tiny casing. There’s also the price to think about, Nintendo is not going to take a massive loss on hardware and that won’t change.

So yeah, it’s going to be weaker than the PS4, and the XBox One.

But…so fucking what?

It’s still going to have much better API support for developers, as proven by it supporting OpenGL 4.4 and being Vulkan conformant. ┬áThe hardware isn’t super powerful, but it’s much more standardized than the Wii U was. Which was one of the main issues developers had with that system.

Anyone that thought they were going to put PS4 level hardware into this thing was delusional.

It’s still going to get games, this is NOT a Wii situation.

And also, let’s be honest here.

If a third party developer doesn’t want to support a system, no amount of specs or power will make them change their minds. You can bet they would simply pull out one of their dozens of standard excuses. That would be no different if the Switch was PS4 Pro level.

Specs aren’t the end all of importance, the games are.

The Switch will get those, and it will be easier for devs to bring them to it even with the lower power this time.

But if you want to freak out over nothing and proclaim the system DOA before we even know the launch lineup and price, go right ahead.

You look stupid, not me.

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