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Why Investors Feel “Let Down” By Super Mario Run


After Super Mario Run was released, NIntendo’s stock dropped supposedly due to investors feeling “let down” by it.


Well, it appears to be quite simple.

Look at the image from the tweet, it’s from an old WSJ article from 2014.

THAT is what these investors wanted from Nintendo on mobile.

Awful and LEGITIMATELY anti-consumer microtransactions.

THAT’S why they’re “let down” by the game.

Pure greed.

$0.99 to make Mario jump higher? What the hell? Does ANYONE besides these people want that?

Then you have people that complain about having to pay for the game to play past the levels in the demo. Have people that play mobile games gotten so used to being nickel and dimed to death that the idea of actually paying for a complete game is now a “ripoff”?

Come on now.

People that want everything for free or $0.99 and people that want to charge a dollar to make Mario jump higher.

Absolute insanity.

The game is not a failure by ANY measure, these greedy bastards are just mad Nintendo isn’t screwing consumers over so they can get a little more money.

Be glad Nintendo doesn’t listen to these idiots.

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  • Pinkie-Dawn

    It’s these investor who are behind the times, not Nintendo.