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3DS Has Now Outsold PS2 In Japan, Nintendo Still Doomed Though


The Nintendo 3DS has now outsold the PS2 in Japan. The system reached 21,913,661 units after selling 133,478 last week. This puts it ahead of the PS2, which has sold 21,833,216 units.

Don’t worry though, Nintendo is still doomed.


(That’s a joke, obviously.)

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  • Pinkie-Dawn

    So the bulk of the PS2’s sales were from western territories?

    • Joshua J. Slone

      Yeah. That is usually the case, really. 3DS, Vita, and Wii U having about a third of their hardware totals in Japan is pretty unusual, not sure what did that in earlier times off the top of my head. Dreamcast and SNES maybe?

      EDIT: Saturn, too, I bet.