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Old Man Gets Nostalgic: Nintendo 64

I got the N64 in 1998 for my 17th birthday, the last system anyone bought for me. But I had played it before, earlier that year while visiting Florida (I lived in California at the time, but I was from Florida) a friend of me and my brother brought his system over. We spent a lot of time playing Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64 and Mario 64.

When I actually went to get the system (November 98), I had really wanted to get Mario Kart 64 but of course they didn’t have it in stock (Dammit Target.) So I ended up getting Star Fox instead. Of course, the best game I got with it was Ocarina of Time not too long after that. I played that game every second I was able to, it was amazing.

When I was able to get the money I bought Goldeneye which became a regular multiplayer game for us. Then, for some crazy reason, I bought Castlevania 64. Yes. That one. That game was something alright, I think I eventually beat it though.

Like with most systems, I rented a lot of games for a couple years. I did buy Madden 2000 though, and of course I got Majora’s Mask when it came out. I had to buy myself that game though, but I was getting used to that by then.

I still wish I had bought more games for it, like Perfect Dark and the Rare platformers. But I never had that much money back then, not an issue now of course. I should play Paper Mario, I’ve had it on the VC for a while but like most of my games I’ve never gotten to it lol.

I really enjoyed the N64, it had a lot of fun multiplayer games, and two of the best Zelda games ever made. I was sad when I sold it in 2001, but I needed the money to pay for my Gamecube. It was a great system, yeah it didn’t have EVERY third party game but first party support was top notch. I do wish Final Fantasy had been on it, but as it turned out I wasn’t very interested in what Final Fantasy became on Playstation at the time. It was getting too far away from what I had liked about the series.

The big reasons it didn’t get as much support was it was hard to develop for, and the carts cost a lot to make. Sony took advantage of how Nintendo had treated third parties over the previous two generations, and that’s how they got the support they did.

But still, the devs that supported the system and really put the effort in made some awesome games.


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