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Old Man Gets Nostalgic: Nintendo Gamecube

This was the first system that wasn’t bought for me, it was back when my brother actually cared about console games so me and him went in together to buy it. We used his employee discount to get it a little cheaper, but had to go to freakin’ Wal-Mart to get Rogue Leader. Which still blows me away today, it’s amazing how good that game looked and it was a launch title!

I mostly rented games for a few months until Resident Evil remake came out, which I bought immediately. This was actually the first game in the series I had owned (I rented RE2 on N64 but that was it), and I loved it. THAT’S how you remake a game, I hope the RE2 remake lives up to that standard. I also bought Resident Evil 0 at launch, and beat it.

We got Time Splitters 2 after hearing that people that had worked on Goldeneye and Perfect Dark made it. That game was so much fun, one of the few FPS games I actually liked. The humor and gameplay were more what I liked compared to all the war shooters that are out now.

Naturally I got Wind Waker, but that’s for another article.

Resident Evil 4.
That game is pretty much perfect, the controls, graphics, sound, Leon’s one-liners.
Another game that was supposed to be exclusive to the Gamecube, but Capcom meddled against the wishes of the devs and brought it to the PS2. It’s not that they ported it, it’s the way they announced the port that really bothered me.
But enough about Capcom being run by idiots.

Another of my favorite games on the system is Tales of Symphonia, a game that at the time was exclusive.
There weren’t a ton of RPGs on the GameCube, but this was one of the best. I didn’t own it at the time, but my roommate had it. I played that one a LOT. Some of the VA drove me nuts *cough*Lloyd*cough* but for the most part it was well done. It also had great music and a gorgeous cell-shaded art style.

A game I probably SHOULD have owned, was Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Hopefully it gets released on the Switch VC. This and Super Mario Sunshine were two other games my roommate at the time had, that I didn’t play nearly as much as I should have.

The Gamecube was and still is a fantastic system, with great games, and actually had decent third party support.
The “kiddie” image was a fantasy created by Sony (just like the PS2 being the most powerful system of that gen) and their fans.

I see a lot of people gushing about the Gamecube now, I wonder how many of them thought it was “kiddie” back then? I wonder how many actually owned it? A lot of these same people, that said that stuff about it then, are the ones complaining that Nintendo doesn’t compete on specs anymore.

It was under-appreciated, and even hated by a lot of people when it was out.

But not by me.

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