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Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Will Be Broadcast In Japanese w/English Voice Over

Nintendo announced via PR that the Switch event live stream will be in Japanese with English voice overs, this was announced by Nintendo UK. You’ll probably be able to watch it on Nintendo’s Switch website (same as the UK) and I imagine their Twitch and Youtube channels.

This will be the case for all the western streams, but Nintendo’s various accounts will be live tweeting in their languages as well.

In case you don’t know them by now, here are the times for the event:

Europe: 5 AM (13th)
UK: 4 AM (13th)
North America (ET): 11 PM (12th)
North America (PT): 8 PM (12th)
Japan: 1 PM (13th)

Yes, 4/5 AM is late, but this is a live event so someone was gonna get screwed no matter what.


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