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Nintendo Switch Experience 2017 In Japan Will Be Livestreamed This Weekend

This week is super exciting for Nintendo fans (and gamers, unless you’re an irrelevant hater), with the big Switch Presentation tomorrow night followed by Friday morning’s Treehouse Live. But this weekend will also have the┬áNintendo Switch Experience 2017 in Japan live streamed. It’s a hands-on event for fans and there will be various stage events and live music as well.

Streams for both days on now up on Nintendo’s Japanese Youtube channel, day 1 and day 2.

They start at the following times on both days, with the first starting on Friday night (13th) in the US/Saturday morning (14th) in Europe:

5:30 PM (PT)
8:30 PM (ET)
1:30 AM (UK)
2:30 AM (Europe)

There are also all the events in the US and around the world, where we’ll be getting tons of footage of Switch games.

Remember to come chat with us on Thursday night and Friday morning, you can use our webchat page.


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