Nintendo Switch Rumor

Emily Rogers: “At Least” 16 New Tracks for MK Switch, One Rumored Wii U Port Not a Port (RUMORS)

So, Emily says that the Switch version of Mario Kart will have 16 new tracks. Also that one of the rumored Wii U ports is not a port.

I’d say Splatoon is that game, as it looked like it was a new game based on the few seconds of video from the Switch reveal trailer.

As for Mario Kart, 16 new tracks would be awesome, and hopefully the rumors about a new battle mode are true too.

We’ll know tonight.

Do not leave comments making personal attacks against her or other people that put out rumors (Laura Kate Dale).

They won’t be seen by anyone.

Those kind of comments are part of the reason I usually don’t post rumors like this on here, I’ve seen way too many sites’ comment sections that just turn into people piling on the leakers instead of actually discussing the rumors.

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