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Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer; FE Direct Coming Next Week

Here’s the trailer (more of teaser really) for Fire Emblem Warriors.

Also during yesterday’s Treehouse Live Nintendo announced a Fire Emblem Direct for January 18th.

Times are below:

  • 2 PM PT
  • 5 PM ET
  • 10 PM UK
  • 11 PM Europe

They’ll probably show more of FE Warriors, plus the mobile game.

Maybe another game announcement, I dunno.

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  • ShadyKnights

    Wait what?! A Direct this soon?! I missed them mentioning that!

    • Yep it kinda surprised me too
      But it fits in with what Damon Baker said about there being more announcements and reveals coming.

      They’ll probably do a Direct going into detail about the system OS/eShop and all that before launch too.
      Especially since it’s region-free now, they’ll have to clarify if that’s just for physical games or if it can be done digitally too.

      • ShadyKnights

        I can’t wait! And I hope they do an OS Direct! I really wanna get a look at that bad boy!

  • Pinkie-Dawn

    I’m curious to see what the mobile title’s gameplay is to be themed around, and I’m crossing fingers for another FEW trailer showcasing Marth and another fan favorite character just like how the first HW trailer showcased just Link and Impa.