Suda51 Talks No More Heroes Switch

During the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, Suda51 revealed that a new No More Heroes game is coming to the system (deal with it PS4 fanboys). After the announcement 4Gamer and Famitsu spoke with him about his plans.
Nintendo Everything posted an overview of what he said, here’s a couple tidbits:

First, on 4Gamer, Suda51 said the title is a secret. He was asked if it will be No More Heroes 3, but said he can’t answer that yet. The scenario is being written by Suda51 himself, and he’ll also be directing the game (first time in ten years that’s happening).

Switch’s vibration technology was more than he could imagine and will be implemented here. Suda51 will focus on how to implement immersive, sense of unity and depth of narrative into this title.

I don’t want to copy too much of what they put up, so check out the full post over at Nintendo Everything.

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