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Reggie: Nintendo “Thought Deeply” About Wii U’s Shortcomings, Improving w/Switch

In an interview with Gamespot, Reggie commented that Nintendo “thought deeply” about Wii U’s shortcomings. He admitted the messaging behind it wasn’t clear, stating that the “clarity of the consumer proposition” wasn’t strong enough. He also said that there was a lack of a steady flow of games.

He believes Nintendo has addressed those issues with the Switch:

“Nintendo Switch is a home console you can play anywhere, with anyone. Clear. Compelling. We see the reaction by consumers whether it’s measured in Twitter trending topics or views of videos on YouTube or just the frequency with which I get called by old high school buddies that I haven’t heard from in 30 years who are asking me how to get their hands on Nintendo Switch. We have communicated the proposition clearly and it is compelling.”

He added that having a regular flow of strong games is a “critical” component to selling the Switch.

“Wii U will go down as having fantastic content–the issue was as you look at the reality of exactly when the games were launched, there were large gaps in between.”

He added that Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece (it is) and that Switch will have a “steady cadence of content.”

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