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Square-Enix on How Dragon Quest Heroes I-II Isn’t Just a Port

Dragon Quest Heroes I-II was announced last week, and during the Switch Experience event in Japan Square-Enix detailed some new features and content that will be added to the Switch bundle.

First off, the amazing HD Rumble feature found in the Joy-Con controllers will be utilized in the Switch versions. While slashing at enemies you will feel different effects, slashing at a Slime for example, will have a jelly-like effect. While a Golem will give a rough or hard vibration. Another example is if you are slashing a large group of enemies, you will be able to tell if a Metal Slime is hidden among them.

Other improvements include adjusted difficultly levels, and the improvements from the second game will be implemented into the first. More details on this are set to be announced during a planned live stream before the game’s release.

As for new content, Ragnar McRyan from Dragon Quest IV will appear as a new character. While Malroth from Dragon Quest II will appear as a boss.

Square-Enix also mentioned that development of the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI is going smoothly, but didn’t give any further details.

One more thing, it’s been pointed out that the game looks worse than the PS4 versions of Dragon Quest Heroes. This shouldn’t be a surprise as obviously the system isn’t as powerful as the PS4. But I have read that the screens and video of the Switch versions are from undocked 4-player LAN mode. I can’t verify that, but if true it’s not quite a fair comparison to post PS4 single-player screens/video of the game.

We’ll see what the final version looks like.

It comes out at launch on March 3rd in Japan at least, not sure exactly about a western release.

I’ll definitely get it, I have the first game on PS4 but wouldn’t mind having both of them in one package.

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