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No, the Switch is NOT a “GC to Wii” Jump In Power From Wii U

So, earlier today I saw a NeoGAF thread popup on IRC saying the Switch seems like a “Gamecube to Wii” jump for a home console (I didn’t click on it, the title alone was so stupid I didn’t want to lose braincells by actually reading the thread.) I usually try desperately to avoid bitching about stuff I saw on NeoGAF, but this kind of thing is just too stupid not to rant about lol. How exactly can you say something like that? You’re either incredibly ignorant, or simply hate Nintendo so much that you are willing to make yourself look stupid just to trash one of their consoles.

I’ll give a few examples of how the Switch is absolutely not a “GC to Wii” power jump.

First there’s FAST RMX. FAST Racing NEO on Wii U, according to the developer, would sometimes drop to 480p in order to maintain 60 FPS. FAST RMX on the other hand, stays at 1080p60 the entire time. You’re gonna tell me the Wii was that kind of jump from the Gamecube? Please.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is 1080p60 as well, on Wii U it’s 720p. This is just a port, but if that “GC>Wii” claim was at ALL accurate you wouldn’t see that jump in resolution.

The Switch hardware isn’t a MASSIVE jump from Wii U, true, but to compare it to the Gamecube to Wii is ridiculous. Other than CPU/GPU clockspeeds and RAM, there wasn’t much of a difference between the two systems. There were some minor improvements to the CPU and GPU for the Wii, but it was still an SD system that couldn’t go past 480p.

The Switch is not the same thing, at all.

The Wii U could not do Breath of the Wild at 900p, and that was with a fairly short development time on the Switch version. It could probably hit 1080p if they had been able to work on it longer. And it not only runs at a higher resolution, it has a much better draw distance and smoother frame rate as well. The Switch version looks and runs better even in undocked mode with the “weak” hardware clocked way down.

It is not the tiny jump that the Wii was from the Gamecube.

The Wii U could not do MK8 at 1080p either, that’s one of the best looking games on that system. The Switch handles it at 1080p like it’s nothing.

Obviously the system isn’t as powerful as the PS4, but holy crap use some freaking sense.

I swear Nintendo could make the “UberSpecs” with 128GB of RAM, a 32-core CPU at 6Ghz and a 24TF GPU and sell it for $199 and there’d be idiots calling it weak.

So to sum up this whole thing.

The Switch is not at all comparable to the jump in power between the Gamecube and the Wii.


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