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Aonuma: VR Would Not Be Very “Zelda-Like”

Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has been doing interviews with various French sites. In an interview with Gameblog he was asked about VR in Zelda, here is his response (translation is from Perfectly Nintendo):

You know, one of the main points of interest in Zelda games is to have Link progress, to watch him grow up. In VR, you wouldn’t be able to see Link, you would see the world from your own point of view. I don’t think it would be very “Zelda-like”.

Check out the Perfectly Nintendo article for a few more of his answers, including one that I’m sure a few people will react stupidly to.

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  • Joshua J. Slone

    Gonna call bogus on this one. Third person views totally work in VR, too. One of the first full games I got when the Rift released was Herobound: Spirit Champion, which is quite Zelda-like. More old-school Zelda, as it was broken up into discrete small areas you’d watch from a top-down view.

    I’ve also very very briefly messed with some Zelda using Dolphin VR. Probably the weirdest thing was the Ocarina of Time menus. When you’re free to change the camera angle by looking around, you can see the other pages really are still there to the sides.