I Need Ideas for Funny Videos and Articles

I want to do some funny (attempting to be anyway) videos or articles for the site/Youtube. So what I need from you guys is a few ideas of what the topics could be. What I’m going for is an “Old Man Yells At Cloud” or “Pierre Bernard’s Recliner of Rage” vibe. I did write one in the “Old Man” style, it was about people that can’t tell the difference between ports, remasters, and remakes.

So something along those lines, nothing that’s ACTUALLY a real issue you know? I just want an excuse to complain about something silly instead of raging about console warriors and comment section trolls all the time. Also I want to put videos on Youtube that aren’t gameplay footage w/no commentary or yet another video about our giveaway┬álol.

So give me some ideas, and watch that Pierre Bernard video if you need to know what I’m going for.

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