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What Could Nintendo do w/Zelda Between BotW and the Next Game?

We all know that this game has taken a LONG time to come out, and a pretty big reason for that is the physics engine. With that engine ready and able to be reused, the next big Zelda game shouldn’t take an entire generation to make. So, what could Nintendo do with Zelda between Breath of the Wild and the next major title? Now before you say “Snes, Breath of the Wild ain’t even out yet, why are you doing this already?” I’ll tell you. Nintendo has been putting out portable Zelda game in between the console releases for years now. So the question is, are they going to do that with the Switch?

They could do a new portable-styled game, like A Link Between Worlds. The Switch is a hybrid, so why not have both styles on it? They could make a new portable-style Zelda while working on the next console style game. Everyone (well almost) loved A Link Between Worlds, a new game like that but in HD would be awesome. They could really go all-out with the 2D art style on the Switch, hell even if they just took A Link to the Past’s sprite graphics and made it HD I’d still love it.

If they wanted to remaster a game, Skyward Sword is the only 3D game left (unless you want them to port WW/TP HD, which I wouldn’t). They could do it pretty easily in TV mode with the motion control abilities of the system, the portable mode would need the game’s controls to be redesigned.

If they wanted to go nuts, they could take the next game in a direction the series hasn’t gone since the 80s.


Yes, I’m talking about a new game in the same style as Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. Overhead view for the map with sidescrolling action sections. Breath of the Wild borrows a LOT from the original Zelda, but re-imagined in 3D. So, maybe they could do the same with a new game and have it be an homage to the second game. Maybe not even a new game, they could remake that game too. Though if they do that they BETTER leave “I am Error.” in it. A lot of (crazy) people consider Zelda 2 to be their favorite Zelda, because it’s insanely hard compared to most of the series (I sure as hell have never beaten it lol.)

I once wrote a post on this site, well before we knew anything about Breath of the Wild, saying I wanted the world to be designed like Zelda 2’s.  A huge world with a lot of towns and areas to explore. Zelda 2’s map was huge, due to it’s RPG-like design.

Another thing I keep hearing about is a multiplayer Zelda game, I think this was mentioned maybe once by Aonuma but nothing’s ever been confirmed that it’s the actual game that will come after Breath of the Wild. I don’t know that I’d really want this anyway, I’ve never really played the Four Swords games, or Tri Force Heroes.

Another idea is to do something similar to Majora’s Mask, where they reuse a lot of the assets in the game. Though the main issue with that is how do they make it work? With that game it was justified due to being set in a parallel world. Most of the characters were alternate versions of Ocarina of Time’s. Would people complain if the next game was made in 2 years but took place in the same basic world? Something like A Link Between Worlds compared to A Link To The Past?

Of course, they could just not do anything until the follow-up to Breath of the Wild is ready. But I don’t think they should, even though it’ll likely not take as long to make the game. They have the engine made, so any work on that would be to enhance it for the increased capabilities of the system. They can also put a separate team on the “portable” game, while still having the main development team start work on the follow up to Breath of the Wild. That physics engine could also be used with other franchises, as well.

Even though I’ve already addressed this, I’ll mention it again. I know Breath of the Wild isn’t even out, but I don’t want to wait 3+ years for more Zelda goodness. The next high-budget Zelda will likely have to match Breath of the Wild’s world size and exploration, but it doesn’t mean we have to wait until they’ve made it for more Zelda.

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  • Quite obvious what they will do next: Zelda M-rated Hentai Dating Sim.