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Some Clarification on Kimishima’s “3DS Successor” Comments

Yesterday there was some news put out about Kimishima talking about a 3DS successor, well it turns out there wasn’t as much there as people thought. The full Japanese transcript for the Corporate Management Policy Briefing / financial results briefing has been published, and there is now some clarification on what was said.

Kimishima was asked about a next-gen portable, he said that Switch and the 3DS can co-exist due to the differences in price, form factor, weight and game library. He said that 3DS is appealing to parents who are purchasing their first game system for their children due to those factors. He also said there are different demand and markets for the two systems, and that Nintendo is always considering a new hand-held.

Shinya Takahashi also commented on it, saying that Nintendo is always thinking about its next gaming device. So the answer is more “We’re always thinking about it” rather than saying if there is or isn’t a successor to the 3DS.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything for the details of what was said.


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