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When You Really Look At It, The Switch Pro Controller Isn’t Overpriced

Let’s take a good look at what the Switch Pro Controller actually offers, compared to the Dual Shock 4 and the XBox One controllers.

It’s a $70 controller, right? So it MUST be overpriced, right? Not really. If you compare the features of the controller like HD Rumble and the battery life, it’s not exactly the ripoff some people say it is.

Battery life.

This is a big one, the Switch Pro Controller lasts 40 hours.

40. Hours.

The Dual Shock 4? 10.

The standard price for the DS4 is $60. Not the heavily discounted price you’ll often see on Amazon, the full price of a new controller. For $10 more you get 4x the battery life. The Switch itself can last over 6 hours depending on screen brightness and the game you’re playing. There are also complaints about the build quality of the DS4, but I haven’t had any issues with mine so I can’t say anything. The DS4 has that useless light on the front, and the touch pad which for me just gets in the way sometimes (especially when playing Mega Man Legacy Collection.)

The XBox One controller’s battery life is apparently all over the place (I don’t have one, I do have a couple 360 controllers but that’s not what we’re comparing), but I’ve seen people say 10-15 hours on two AA batteries-wait AA? Oh right, you still have to buy a separate rechargeable battery pack for it just like the 360. Still not great, and having to still use AA batteries is kinda ridiculous at this point. The last Nintendo controller to do that? The Wiimote, in 2006.

So 40 hours vs 10 and 10-15? I’ll take the 40 hours.

$60 for both the DS4 and the XBox One standard controller, because also remember that Microsoft is trying to sell people a $150 controller. Which STILL needs AA batteries.

Rumble/Motion controls

Both the DS4 and and XBox One controllers have rumble, but not the crazy new HD Rumble tech. The Switch Pro Controller has the same HD Rumble in it as the Joy-Cons. The Pro Controller has the gyro motion controls as well, like the DS4.

So what do you get with the DS4 and XBox One controllers that’s not in the Pro Controller? A headset jack, and analog shoulder buttons?

Do I wish it was cheaper? Sure. I wish they were all cheaper, but that’s not the point.

The point of all this is you get 4x the battery life, AND advanced HD rumble, AND gyro controls (which the Wii U Pro Controller didn’t have). As well as a built in NFC reader for Amiibo functionality. Plus it just looks nice.

For $10 more.

And you don’t even have to buy your own batteries.

I could probably go into way more detail about all this, but I didn’t sleep much and I’m tired of writing.

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  • Pinkie-Dawn

    I should buy a pro controller someday, though I’ll just stick with the Joy Cons for every game I play.