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UPDATE: Confirmed. David Wise Composing The Soundtrack For Snake Pass


It’s now been officially confirmed on the Snake Pass website.

Speculation has been running rife over the past few months, but it’s finally time to put those speculations to bed. It gives me the greatest of pleasures to announce that none other than veteran audio legend, David Wise, is behind the soundtrack for Snake Pass.

That’s right, the same maestro behind such classic video game music as Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox Adventures and Battletoads is now composing the original score for Snake Pass. Be sure to check out the snippets below!

David Wise, known for his brilliant work on Donkey Kong Country (recently he’s worked on the Wii U DKC Tropical Freeze and the upcoming Yooka-Laylee) among other Rare games, is composing the soundtrack for Sumo Digital’s new game Snake Pass. The information was listed on the Steam page but was quickly removed.

It can still be seen (as of me writing this) on google’s search results though.

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